Horror Sequels Part II: Sequels So Terrible I Refused to Watch Them

If you missed last week’s installment of the Horror Sequels series, you should check it out! I discussed terrible horror sequels I’ve seen. In this week’s installment, I’ll be discussing horror sequels so terrible I flat out refused to watch them.

To save this part of my list from being hundreds upon hundreds of movies long, which it easily could have been be given my stance on horror sequels, I’ll pick my top three. It was incredibly hard to narrow the list down, but I was able to. Okay, these aren’t entirely my TOP three, but among the top sequels I refuse to watch on principle (or out of wanting to protect my braincells).

hostelpartiiHostel: Part II
Here’s the thing about this movie. One of the biggest reasons I refused to watch the second one was because the first one was probably the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever been forced to watch. The first 3/4 of the movie was practically a low budget porno that made me yawn and nearly roll my eyes out of my head with sarcastic boredom, and the final 1/4 was so absurd with the gore that I spent the entire glaring at the screen with hatred. Don’t get me wrong. I like gore and absurd ways to die, but this was so far out there in the realm of unbelievable and stupid that my brain seriously stopped functioning. Never in a billion years will I understand how the first movie was praised so much. So, why on earth would I watch the second one?




Child’s Play: Seed of Chucky

As I’ve mentioned before, I like bad horror movies—one of my absolute favorite F horror is Scarecrow Gone Wild, HILARIOUSLY AWFUL—but Seed of Chucky is one I couldn’t do. The thing is, I even enjoy watching the third movie in this franchise, which EVERYONE hates, and wasn’t even as bad as Bride of Chucky, but I could not bring myself to even grace Seed of Chucky with my presence. I stood up and said, “NOPE.” They might as well have made Chucky in Space, or some other equally ridiculous concept.




0334541Tremors 4: The Legend Begins
I know I already spoke about this franchise before, but this gem is just way too much to not include. I feel like there was a time in the 90s, and the first some-odd years into the 2000s, where the worst of the worst sequels were being created. We couldn’t just stop at Assblasters; oh no, we had to take the Back to the Future approach and go to the wild west. Not only that, this movie is supposed to be a prequel. A PREQUEL. One that stars Michael Gross who is acting as his character’s ancestor. Did anyone notice that the town’s name is REJECTION? Get it? Rejection-Perfection? Har, har, har! Genius!



Some other sequels that I flat out refused are The Hills Have Eyes II, The Evil Dead II, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Messengers 2: The Scarecrow, and Leprechaun in the Hood (and in Space). Generally, I realize, it’s either first movies I adored or hated that I refuse to watch sequels to. There is no middle ground on this. Can you guess which ones listed are from movies I loved and which I hated? You might be surprised!

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