Here you will find a list of Cole Knightly short stories, where to buy them, and what they are about.

Misbegotten CoverMisbegotten
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David Keegan (AKA ‘DavidScreamsLikeAGirl’) is a famous horror video gamer on the world’s largest video-sharing website. He makes great money doing something he loves, and his fans can’t get enough of his girly, over-dramatic screaming. One night, a mysterious fan gives him a bootleg copy of a game called Misbegotten. All of his viewers insist he play, but the clawed, ghostly antagonist David calls ‘the witch’ makes the whole endeavor terrifying. Even when he stops playing the game, she haunts him… Awake, asleep, the witch doesn’t care. All David can think about is the reoccurring message: “She will kill you.” Continuing the game could mean the end of his sanity, but stopping could mean the end of his life.

**Misbegotten is a novelette of 10,500 words (or 37 pages).**


Ghost in a Bottle

Ghost in a Bottle

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Shaun is obsessed with buying unusual items from a popular online auctioning site and found the perfect addition to his shrine of auction wins: a real ghost captured in a cola bottle. When his prize mysteriously arrives the day after purchasing it, strange and disturbing things start to happen. Shaun didn’t listen to the seller’s warning, and now he has to deal with the newly released ghost… before it drives him mad.

**Ghost in a Bottle is a short story of approximately 3,300 words (or 12 pages).**


Roadside Wraith CoverRoadside Wraith
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After a heated argument with his long-term boyfriend, Greg speeds down a deserted country road in the middle of the night to get away. Despite his relationship problems, he finds himself focusing on the disturbing drive home rather than the anger he feels.

Kelly could kick himself. After the love of his life stormed out on their weekend getaway, he is left with a sinking feeling in his gut. Numerous attempts to call and reconcile with no luck makes him more determined to track Greg down… but what he finds is worse than he could have imagined.

**Roadside Wraith is a short story of 3,500 words, or 13 pages, long.**


Creep by Cole Knightly

Creep (A Short Story)

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After ten months in a mental institution with no end in sight, Jenny Crete tells the story of why she was institutionalized. She had started a new job at Ridley Conner Community College and had begun to notice disturbing and creepy things happening in the school late at night. At first, she thought it was all in her mind. But it ended up being something much more sinister lurking in the shadows.

**Creep is a short story of approximately 4,500 words (or 16 pages).**


Portrait of a Ghost by Cole KnightlyPortrait of a Ghost
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Hopeless. Numb. Abandoned. These are all words Victoria has used to explain how it feels to lose her twin sister Lizzy. After receiving a series of disturbing paintings depicting her sister’s suicide, Victoria starts investigating the possibility of murder. To make matters worse, she is being haunted by the ghost of her twin. When she enlists the help of Lizzy’s mysterious boyfriend Evan, Victoria takes her place as a life-model at the local art school to get close to the potential killer. If she doesn’t uncover his identity soon, she will become his next victim.

**Portrait of a Ghost is a short story of approximately 10,600 words.**