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Top 5 Horror Games

My most recent release was Misbegotten, which is a horror novelette about a video gamer who is being haunted by a mysterious and disturbing video game. It’s one of my favorite stories I’ve written so far because it involves a couple of things I really love: horror games and let’s players. So, I thought it would be fun to give you all my top 5 horror games list. I’m sure this is totally debatable, but they are the ones I’ve played and find to be the best. Feel free to tell me your favorites in the comments! Also, if you want to watch someone else play the game, I’ll include links to my favorite youtube gamers for the specific games.

CPCorpse Party

I’m sure I’ve gushed about how much I love this game. Corpse Party is not a typical horror game. It’s more of a weird hybrid of game and novel. Since I am an author and an avid gamer, I  feel like it is the best of my two favorite things. (Well, two of my three favorite things. Movies are the third.) Corpse Party is about a group of classmates who perform a charm that pulls them into a deadly and disturbing alternate version of a school. They are stalked by ghosts and creeps, and other “monster.” The best part of this game is the horrific death scenes. They are well-written and disturbing. Honestly, the novelization is the greatest asset to this game. Even though there is some hilariously awkward dialogue in the game, it’s easy to feel for the characters. It’s sad when a character dies, and players find themselves on the edge of their seats, holding their breath and hoping that their favorite isn’t dead, and players (or watchers) breath sighs of relief when characters turn out okay (not for long!). Storytelling is all about making people feel something, and Corpse Party does that with amazing skill.

If you want to watch someone play this, I suggest Cry (Cryaotic). His play through is the absolute best, and of course, his voice is made of sex. He gets really into the narrative, and does an excellent job with reading.


FFFatal Frame

Okay, this game freaked me the hell out. The atmosphere was intense and eerie; and viewing ghosts through a camera was just too terrifying. Honestly, I don’t know how I made it through this game alive because I can’t even watch a play through without my heart racing. I really love the idea of defeating enemies with a camera, but oh man is it scary! There’s nothing scarier than looking down a hallway and seeing nothing, only to lift a camera and see creepy ghosts lunging toward you in the camera viewer. *shutter* Just thinking about it makes me want to run and hide.

Now, I can’t suggest any gamer on youtube because none of the players I watch have done a play through. However, I think Cry did do a few videos before discontinuing, so you can take a look at those.


shHDSilent Hill (Series… minus Homecoming)

It’s really hard for me to give a specific Silent Hill game for this part because all of them, excluding the horrible piece of crap that was Homecoming, have their intense and creepy moments. However, it is clear that there was a pretty clear distinction between the first three and the subsequent games. The first three are much more frightening than the rest, probably because they were made by the original Japanese team, but there were great things in some of the later games, too. The idea that you are just a regular dude (and girl on a couple of occasions) with no power, other than the ability to wield a flashlight and a pipe, is pretty frightening. Each installment has its own best attribute. The first and third game had Alessa, two had pyramid head,  four had some creeptastic hauntings and the concept of being trapped in an apartment, and Shattered Memories had this excellent ambiguity with a very different game play from the others.

Also, as I mentioned on Facebook, I’m thrilled with PT. the playable trailer for the possible next installment Silent Hills. Not fond of the name or Norman Reedus (I like the guy, but I feel like they are using him to build hype), but I think it could potentially be a bad ass game. And finally, some fun Silent Hill play throughs to watch would be PewdiePie for SH1, Game Grumps for SM, and TheRadBrad for SH2.


CoFCry of Fear

This game has my favorite opening game play of all time. The rooms are engulfed in complete darkness, and the player must lead the character through with only a camera as a light source. So, to see (and move), the player must take a picture to set off the flash. Imagine all the creepy things lurking in the pitch darkness that can be viewed only for a tiny fraction of a second. It’s wonderful! ..in that intense, creepy way. There are some really messed up bad guys and psychological undertones that remind me a bit of the Silent Hill games. Overall, it’s a creepy game that’s fun to watch and play!

Some good play throughs of this game include Cry’s CoF play through and PewdiePie’s play through, which is pretty fun to watch because he’s Swedish and so is the game.



Five Nights at Freddy’s

Who knew it was possible to make a game about being a night guard for a creepy kids place with animatronic characters even more scary. But they did! I mean, let’s face it, animatronics are kind of creepy by themselves, so add the element of being trapped in camera room at night with limited power makes it even more frightening. But, oh no! It doesn’t end there. Let’s add the element of MOVING animatronics that try to murder you. You can’t move, but they can! These are the things nightmares are made of, guys! While this game is pretty new, it’s an outrageously frightening game. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for the impending doom or the jumpscare or the power outage… it will get you. EVERY. TIME. Heartattack + Nightmare = This game. Pirate Cove guy and Teddy Bear will leave your pants wet. Just saying.

There are two particularly great play throughs of this game: Yamimash’s videos and Markiplier’s videos.

Of course, there are hundreds more amazing horror games, but that would be too much for one post. Some other really awesome ones worth mentioning are Ib, which is pixel horror; Amnesia: Dark Descent, which took me forever to beat due to having to constantly take breaks; the Resident Evil series; and The Last of Us.

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